Endeavor Holdings LLC is an Arizona limited liability company organized to represent a specific group of American Indian landowners.  The ownership of Endeavor is made up of eight family members all enrolled with the Salt River Pima-Marciopa Indian Community and all sharing undivided common interests within certain allotted parcels.

Historically, American Indian land was set aside for management by both the respective Indian communities as well as by individual Indian landowners.  While the General Allotment Act was enacted in 1887, allotments for individuals were not established in southern Arizona until the early 20th century.  Still, a hundred years of deaths and descendants have resulted in a notable amount of fractionation in ownership.  Allotments are typically 10 or 20 acres, so a project like a 100 acre shopping center could require up to 10 allotments each possibly having more than 100 owners; such a project would thus require the majority interest approval of a group comprising maybe 1000 individuals.

In the case of Endeavor Holdings LLC, the family has been fortunate (or unfortunate) not to have a significant number of heirs from the original allottee.  In allotments originally granted to Luther Menson, there are now only fourteen individual owners.  Endeavor Holdings LLC is comprised of eight members representing a majority interest of those allotments originally granted to Luther Menson.

The members of Endeavor Holdings LLC are:

Janice Menson Mooney (granddaughter of Luther Menson)

Margo J. Menson (granddaughter of Luther Menson)

Hans-Dieter S. Klose (great-grandson of Luther Menson, son of Lorna Menson Klose)

Lawrence L. Klose (great-grandson of Luther Menson, son of Lorna Menson Klose)

Laurie Menson (great-granddaughter of Luther Menson, daughter of Tonita Menson Walker)

Austin Anderson Jr. (great-grandson of Luther Menson, son of Tonita Menson Walker)

Lisa Marie Soqui-Rhodes (great-granddaughter of Luther Menson, daughter of Tonita Menson Walker)

Dorothy Walker (great-granddaughter of Luther Menson, daughter of Tonita Menson Walker)

Endeavor Holdings LLC exists for a number of reasons.

  • First, it may act as a unified voice in certain landowner situations, such as lease negotiations.
  • Second, the company may be a legal single member of partnerships formed to develop commercial projects.
  • Finally, Endeavor represents decades of experience in dealing with issues related to American Indian lands and has worked and will continue to work in a consultant capacity to advise parties requiring aid in navigating the maze of regulations related to agricultural and commercial development of American Indian real estate.